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Apply Now Category 3

CATEGORY 3: Best Use of Digital Marketing Techniques/ Technologies


This category honours the brand that came up with innovative uses of digital marketing techniques/technologies to raise their game in 2022. Eligible entries include paid search advertising, email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, video marketing, or hyper-personalisation.
Our jury will consider how you tailored digital marketing technique/technology to execute your campaign, enhance your audience experience, and ultimately succeed in meeting/exceeding marketing KPIs and goals.
Here is the guidance around what your submission should include:
  • A brief overview of your company (size, location, etc.)
  • A description of the marketing challenge you addressed in your digital marketing, including objectives/goals and target audience
  • Your insights (such as market research, industry stats or data points), strategy and plan
  • The digital tools and channels used. In this category, we also want you to highlight how you stretched the limits of digital marketing to offer something fresh and new
  • Any challenges you faced and how you overcame them
  • Evidence of how you measured success
  • Any relevant client testimonials/quotes
  • A brief statement explaining why you should win this award
  • Supporting materials such as documents, creative assets, links, and other marketing assets

Top tips for your entry submission

Do’s for your entry submission

  • Do provide as much detail as possible to showcase business/commercial impact
  • Do provide as much evidence (e.g., case study, client testimonials) as possible
  • Do showcase measurable impact (e.g., saving costs, driving operational efficiency, or accelerating business growth)

Don’ts for your entry submission

  • Don’t include vanity metrics (e.g., click rates, open rates, and impressions). Instead, showcase: how you impacted the company’s bottom line, drove customer acquisition, increased customer retention, drove new revenue, or expanded customer share of wallet.

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