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Judging Process

The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards have a rigorous, two-stage judging process. An external, expert, and independent panel, carefully selected and vetted to ensure no conflicts of interest, will judge the awards.


Measuring your success and outcomes, including KPIs

Customer Focus

Solving client problems and pain points

Measurable Impact

Problem & needs it uniquely solved, including ROI demonstrated


Breaking new ground and cutting through the noise


Targeted within FinTech, Financial Services, or Technology B2B

Judges typically review between one and four categories. Then, the panel collates scores and identifies submissions for the shortlist.
– Stage 2: All judges convene at a Judging Day event held in London, with overseas judges joining virtually. Participation is a critical part of the process as it enables full transparency. Collectively, they review and score each submission on the shortlist to select final winners.

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