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The Judging process
The Finance & Tech B2B Marketing Awards have a rigorous, two-stage judging process. Thereafter, we will open an online industry voting process to ensure the winners are chosen by industry colleagues. To recap

Step 1 – In the first stage our team of external, independent judges from a diverse range of in-depth marketing expertise will review all the entries and shortlist the best candidates. The Shortlist would be announced on 1 June, 2023.
Step 2 – Once the shortlist has been identified. We will begin the online voting process.

The Voting Process

Voting will take place online 6 June 2023 – 10 August 2023
Only votes from business email addresses will be considered. Votes from personal e-mail addresses will not be counted. Individuals may NOT vote for their own company (this includes a subsidiary or parent company of the nominee). These votes will be automatically disqualified.
Votes can be made by industry peers, clients and other relevant industry professionals. Please do not ask spouses, children, parents, grandparents, random friends or pets to participate in the voting process.

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