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Apply Now Category 19

Best Cross- Functional Collaboration Excellence

This award honors cross-functional collaboration between the sales, and marketing department or any other departments with which marketing works closely such as product, customer service, CX, Data Insights team, etc.
The jury will evaluate cross-functional partnership between departments that demonstrate a real world challenge that has been solved for a client (with a measurable outcome) using the power of great teams.
  • Established criteria for determining when/if to collaborate atall
  • Enabled clarity and alignment of resource contributions (over time)
Here is the guidance on what your submission should include:
    • A brief overview of your company (size, location, etc.)</span >
    • A description of goals & challenges the cross functional team
      addressed</span >
    • How the team delivered impact, succeeded in creating change, and
      impacted the performance of their organization, its
      products/services, and its stakeholders.
    • How did the team employed governance tactics that keep initiatives
      moving forward, faster and embedded agility with respect to altering
      resource commitments when necessary</span >
    • Description of alignment of resource contributions over time
      between the team</span >
    • Evidence of success demonstrating the impact it made on the
      company’s bottom line/commercial business impact</span >
    • Any relevant internal or client testimonials/quotes</span >
    • A brief statement explaining why the disruptor should win this
      award</span >
    • Supporting materials such as documents, creative assets, links, and
      other marketing assets</span >

Top tips for your entry submission

Do’s for your entry submission

          • Do provide as much detail as possible to showcase business/commercial impact
          • Do provide as much evidence (e.g., case study, client testimonials) as possible
          • Do showcase measurable impact (e.g., saving costs, driving operational efficiency, or accelerating business growth)

Don’ts for your entry submission

          • Don’t include vanity metrics (e.g., click rates, open rates, and impressions). Instead, showcase how you impacted the company’s bottom line, drove customer acquisition, increased customer retention, drove new revenue, or expanded customer share of the wallet

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