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Apply Now Category 24

Best Academic Provider of FinTech Programme

This category honors and celebrates teaching excellence, creativity in FinTech education. The academic team must demonstrate/illustrate exemplary work over the past year bringing classroom theoretical education and practical industry experience together for the students via different ways including case studies, internships, real-life business projects, and impact of teaching in the FinTech discipline. In short, helping to build the right FinTech skill set and talent Committed to enabling academics to share innovation, excellence and the impact of FinTech education to the students.
Here is the guidance on what your submission should include:
  • A brief overview of your academic institution (size, location, etc.)
  • A description of your faculty team, including learning objectives, learning outcomes and implementing an academic strategy, to help students to build right skill set, knowledge and expertise in FinTech field
  • Describe tailored learning methodology, including close industry links and student support provided to help students excel in their academic goals
  • Evidence of how you measured the success of your students
  • Any relevant testimonials/quotes
  • A brief statement explaining why you should win this award
  • Supporting materials such as documents, course curriculum, assets, links, and other assets

Top tips for your entry submission

Do’s for your entry submission

  • Provide as much detail as possible to showcase how your academic programme is offering world-class education in FinTech
  • Offer evidence (e.g., certifications, rankings, case studies, placements, testimonials) whenever possible
  • Showcase measurable impact (e.g., academic grades, student placements, number of students registering for the programme)

Don’ts for your entry submission

  • Avoid including vanity metrics (e.g., click rates, open rates, and impressions). Instead, showcase how your academic institute impacts the student learning in building the right talent with the relevant skill set and experience by offering them the best FinTech academic programme in collaboration with practical industry experience.

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