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Voting for all the following categories is now open until the end of May 17, 2024, at 11:59 pm ECT, providing our members and industry peers with an opportunity to get involved.

  • Positive Disruptor
  • B2B Marketing Leader
  • Best Marketing Team



Voting Opens



Voting Closes

Votes are welcome from community members, industry peers, clients, and other relevant industry professionals. Please refrain from soliciting votes from spouses, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, random friends, or pets, as these votes will be automatically disqualified. Only votes from business email addresses will be considered; votes from personal email addresses will not be counted.

Fintech B2B Marketing Global Awards 2023 Finalists

Positive Troublemaker Disruptor

  • Douglas James Mackenzie – CCO – FF News // Fintech Finance
  • Katie Hayes – Head of Marketing – Ozone API
  • Emma Heiden – Enterprise Marketing Manager – LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  • Mohammad Ali – Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean – Anglia Ruskin University
  • Kate Bolton  – Founder – Comms for Good

Best B2B Marketing Team

  • Zumo
  • LendInvest
  • Harrington Starr
  • SteelEye
  • Form3

Best B2B Marketing Leader

  • James Jockle – Executive Vice President and CMO – Numerix
  • Stella Clarke – Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer – Fenergo
  • Iulia Balan – Head of Marketing, Investment Services – State Street
  • Francesco Piluso – Marketing Manager – Prove

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