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Terms Of Awards Entry

You/ Your/Entrant/: The entity or individual submitting their nomination for the awards category for the Event and, where relevant and included in the Contract Form, sponsoring the Event.
We/Us/Our/Organiser/ FinTech B2B Marketing Limited: The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards Entry form
The Event or Award Dinner: means The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards 2023
Judge/Jury: means Award Judge; Winner: means Award Winner ; Finalist: means Award Finalist ; Entrant: means Award Entrant
Attendee: any person or business attending or registering to attend The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards 2023
Venue: is the event venue where the award ceremony will take place in London, United Kingdom.
Confidential Information: in relation to either Party, any information, however provided, that relates to the business, financial affairs, operations, customers, processes, budgets, pricing policies, product information, strategies, developments, trade secrets, know-how, personnel and suppliers of that Party, including any personal data relating to that Party’s customers or suppliers, together with any other information which ought reasonably be considered to be confidential.
Data Protection Law: any applicable laws and regulations relating to the processing, privacy and use of personal data including, without limitation, GDPR, national laws implementing the GDPR, regulations and secondary legislation, as amended from time to time; laws or regulations implementing Council Directive 2002/58/EC, and; any judicial or administrative interpretative of any of the above, and any guidance, guidelines, codes of practice, approved codes of conduct or approved certification mechanisms issued by any national authority.
FinTech B2B Marketing Privacy Policy: As detailed at https://fintechb2bmarketing.com/privacy-policy/.
Event: the event referred to in the FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards as organised by FinTech B2B Marketing Limited.
  • The FinTech B2B Global Awards 2023 are organised by FinTech B2B Marketing Limited
  • By entering the awards, the entrant will be deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions of ‘Award Entry’ and ‘Registration and Attendance’ and to be bound by both terms and conditions.
  • By entering The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards, all award and category entrants have agreed to allow the details of their entry to be shared with the judges and representatives of FinTech B2B Marketing. All entrants will be deemed to have consented to the transfer and sharing of their personal, company and submission data and information for the purpose of administration and judging of the awards and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented.
  • The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards are open to any company i.e. Fintech, technology, financial services firm, agency, marketing services & marketing technology provider, vendors, media companies/publishers.
  • All category entries must be received by FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards prior to the submission deadline. Entries received after the submission deadline will not be accepted. Neither FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards nor the judges will not accept responsibility or liability for any late, mislaid or incomplete entries with all such entries deemed invalid.
  • All category entries must be submitted in English and submitted electronically with supporting documents (if applicable) using the ‘Entry Form’ on the website.
  • Upon written request, entries may be withdrawn by the entrant prior to 11:59pm on the awards submission deadline.
  • All entrants must be aged 18 or over. The entrant or the employer represented by the entrant, must have worked or be a client, partner or be directly associated with the business, project or solution that is featured in the entry.
  • Entries must be submitted by the person with whom all future correspondence about the awards and finalist information will be sent.
  • Entrants may enter multiple award categories, however all submitted entries must be tailored for each individual category.
  • The awards submission are open to submissions from any countries outside of the UK and the submission content must be occurred in calendar year of 2022 for the 2023 submission
  • Entries must not exceed 4 mins of the video submission or the word count of 800 words per individual category area per entry. This word limit does not apply to supporting documentation.
  • Should for any reason the event be postponed, your entry will still be valid and will be carried through to the appropriate date.
  • By entering the Awards, the Entrant hereby warrants that they are over the age of 18, all information submitted is true, accurate and complete and the individual is authorised to represent the company. The Organisers reserves the right to verify any information contained in the Entry and the Entrants eligibility to enter the Awards.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify an Entrant if it has reasonable grounds to believe that an Entrant has breached any of the Rules, any applicable law (any copyright law) or has otherwise infringed the intellectual property of any third party.
  • In the event a Winner is disqualified from the Awards, the Organisers will select an alternative Winner in the same manner as the original Winner and such selection will be subject to the Rules.
  • All Entries must be submitted using the official entry forms listed on the website in either video or written format. No hardcopy Entries will be accepted.
  • Amendments cannot be made to an Entry once submitted. If an Entrant has any concerns about information included in an Entry after it has been submitted, they should contact the Organisers directly.
  • All the information submitted as part of your submission might be shared publicly so do not share any business confidential information which you do not wish to be shared externally.
  • In the event the Organisers have reasonable grounds to believe an Entrant has attempted to influence the decision of the judges further, by any means outside or in addition to the official Entry, the Entrant will be disqualified.
  • All category finalists will be notified via-email approximately 8 weeks prior to the awards ceremony (October 2023). Due to the high volume of entries for The FinTech B2B Marketing Global Awards, entries which have not been announced as a finalist will not be notified via email or other correspondence.
  • The judges will shortlist up to 5 finalists from each award category and the finalists will be publicly announced approximately 8 weeks prior to the awards ceremony (October 2023). Finalists will also be listed on the official FinTech B2B Marketing Awards website and via social media channels.
  • Award winners will be announced during the awards dinner taking place in London’ in October 2023. Under no circumstances will the details of winners be disclosed prior to the event. During the awards dinner, one award winner will be announced from the finalists in each category with category winners receiving trophies at the event. Finalists (excluding) will receive a certificate within 30 days of the event.
  • Category finalists are not provided with complimentary tickets to the awards dinner. All category finalists are required to be present at the awards dinner and must purchase a minimum of one ticket to the awards dinner in October 2023. If they reside outside the country and cannot join us in-person, they can nominate someone on their behalf to collect the award on the day.
  • The FinTech B2B Marketing Awards 2023 are judged by a panel of independent judges without the interference or influence of FinTech B2B Marketing or any FinTech B2B Marketing representative.
  • The judges and FinTech B2B Marketing reserve the right at its absolute discretion to reject any entry without explanation or notice.
  • The judges decision will be final and no explanation, correspondence or discussion will be offered or entered into before or following the judges decision. Additionally, feedback will not be given on any successful or unsuccessful entry before or following the judges’ decision.
  • Should entries of a winning standard not been submitted into an individual category, the judges at their absolute discretion may decline to award a winner or finalists. In the case that a category is deemed unworthy of a winner and / or finalists, entry fees will be non-refundable.
  • The judges and FinTech B2B Marketing reserve the right to amend category selections where it is deemed appropriate.
  • The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry not accompanied by the appropriate / correct supporting documentation or any entry deemed to be inaccurate, false or misleading. In the case that an entry is disqualified.
  • Judges will declare any perceived conflict of interest to the event organisers ahead of reading any entries.
  • By submitting an Entry to the Awards the Entrant agrees to comply with the Rules and the above listed Terms and Conditions.
  • By submitting an entry, you consent to FinTech B2B Marketing contacting you via email and telephone with important information and updates for this event.
  • These terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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